Tuna Tataki with Sesame And Ginger Dressing

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Tuna Tataki with Sesame And Ginger Dressing

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Adjust Servings:
750 g ( 4 fillets ) Tuna
a fistful of Fennel Pollen
a fistful of Black Pepper
a fistful of Thyme
a fistful of Marjoram
to taste Soy Sauce
to taste Extra Virgin Olive Oil
to taste Sesame Seeds
1 teaspoon Sugar
to taste Garlic
a drizzle of Vinegar
to taste Ginger
to taste Mustard
1 Eggplants
to taste Chive
to taste Almonds

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  • 17
  • Serves 4
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There are few good dishes such as tuna tataki in sesame crust, a simple and quick to prepare dish, but that is easy to make mistakes if you do not follow certain tricks.
The tataki is a typical Japanese recipe and consists of cooking very quickly a plate of fish or meat to the plate (or pan) and then seasoning it with soy sauce and ginger, which is crushed, chopped until it reaches the consistency of a dough.
The word tataki た た き (minced) indeed, refers to ginger reduced to dough and not to cooking.
It is said that the tataki was invented in 1800 by a rambling samurai, Sakamoto Ryōma, inspired by a group of Europeans who roasted grilled fish: the meeting of Japanese cuisine with the European grill, in the face of globalization.
History aside, the key to preparing a perfect tuna fillet is the sesame crust. Toast the sesame first with the soy sauce and brush the tuna with mustard to make the sesame stick better. The cooking of the fillet is just a seared, the final touch to seal the crust. But let’s go to the recipe, here’s how to turn a simple tuna fillet into a delicious dish.



Cut the eggplant into thin slices and cook them on the hot plate until they are well browned.


Meanwhile, crush garlic and ginger and add them to the soy sauce, with the tip of a teaspoon of sugar and a drizzle of vinegar and stir.


Dip the tuna and let it marinate for 15 minutes.


Put the black pepper grains and the aromatic herbs in the pestle and gently crush them.


Remove the tuna from the marinade, toast the sesame seeds in a pan and flavour them with a little soy sauce, then put them in a dish.


Brush the tuna fillet with the mustard, pass it in the toasted sesame seeds and press it hard to make the sesame stick to the fillet and then cook it on the hot plate for a few minutes, so that it is caramelized out and raw inside.


When cooked, cut the tuna into slices that are not too thin, put it back in the soy sauce and place it on the plate alternating slices of tuna and eggplant that you will have seasoned with olive oil. Decorate with flaked almonds and chopped chives and serve immediately.

For a minimal presentation, but very zen, prepare a green salad, cut into slices the tuna fillet and arrange it in a fan. For a tataki salad of different tuna from the usual, add some hard-boiled egg and a couple of small tomatoes. The dish is quite simple, as a single precaution do not overcook the tuna, otherwise it becomes stubbly. For a different presentation, you can cut the tuna into small pieces and then wrap them in the sliced eggplant.

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