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Adjust Servings:
280 g 00 Flour
220 g Butter
6 Eggs at room temperature
2 g Baking Powder For Cakes
180 g Sugar
1 Vanilla Bean
1 teaspoon Salt
To Garnish
to taste Fresh Fruit
to taste Maple Syrup
to taste Powdered Sugar

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  • Vegetarian
  • 23
  • Serves 4
  • Medium


  • To Garnish



Popular in Belgium, Holland, France and Germany, then they have embarked on a long sea voyage and have landed on the New Continent, where they had a new life: we are talking about waffles, delicious gaufers’ overseas cousins ! These are in both cases soft pods with an unmistakable honeycomb shape, ideal for breakfast or for brunch with the addition of different ingredients: chocolate and grains for the gluttons, strawberries and whipped cream for the most romantic, or poached eggs and crispy bacon for savory lovers … in short, all that imagination suggest to you can make your waffles increasingly appetizing and irresistible! We were inspired by the typical presentation of pancakes and we served them with maple syrup, fresh fruit and powdered sugar: and you have already thought about which topping to start?



To prepare the waffles, first melt the butter in a microwave or bain-marie and let it cool.


Meanwhile, break the eggs at room temperature in a bowl and beat them lightly with a whisk, then add the sugar and stir again. Sift the flour and baking powder directly inside the bowl, add the salt and mix, firstly slow then more vigorously with the whisk to mix the powders to the mixture and remove any lumps. Once warmed, pour the melted butter into the bowl a little at a time, so as to gradually incorporate it with the whisk.


At this point, divide the vanilla bean in half lengthwise and extract the seeds with the blade of a knife, then add them to the mixture and mix again until you get to a consistency rather smooth, dense and homogeneous. Cover the bowl with the film and let the dough rest in the refrigerator for at least an hour.


After the rest time, let the dough return to room temperature and in the meantime heat the waffle plate to make it reach the temperature. When the plate is very hot, brush it with a little melted butter and pour a little spoonful of dough into the honeycomb mold so as to completely cover the surface. Close the plate and cook for about 7-8 minutes (check the waffle cooking status after a few minutes).
When the waffles have got a nice golden color, open the lid, gently remove them from the waffle iron and transfer them on a plate. Garnish your delicious waffles to taste with maple syrup, fresh fruit and a shower of powdered sugar!

To make this recipe is necessary to have the appropriate waffle iron: on the market there are various shapes and sizes, so always check the instructions to get an optimal cooking. You can garnish waffles with your favorite ingredients, both sweet and savory, or fill them as a sandwich!

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